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Building ores

"Ores are randomly placed in your base camp. You can mine them if you have an available A.C.V. and a small amount of Gas. Mining ores will give you a small amount of diamonds."

Kinds of Ores

Ore small Ore dark Ore medium1 Ore medium2
Small Ore Dark Ore Medium Ore(1) Medium Ore(2)
Ore reddish Ore golden Ore shiny Ore diamond
Reddish Ore Golden Ore Shiny Ore Diamond Ore

  • Summary
    • Each ore that is mined will yield 0-6 Diamonds. This yield value does not include the 25 diamonds mined from the Diamond Ore.**Diamond Ore will always give you 25 diamonds by mining. It will be regenerated 24 hours after it is lastly mined.**Your base camp can have a maximum of 40 ores at one time.----
  • Normal Ores
    • When the game respawns an ore, the respawn weight represents the chance of that particular item being the one that appears.
Type Removal Time Experience Gained Token exp Removal Cost Resource gas Re spawn Weight
Small Ore 5 Secs 3 100 10%
Dark Ore 10 Secs 4 250 20%
Medium Ore(1) 10 Secs 5 1,000 20%
Medium Ore(2) 10 Secs 5 1,000 20%
Reddish Ore 15 Secs 6 2,000 20%
Golden Ore 15 Secs 8 7,500 5%
Shiny Ore 20 Secs 10 10,000 5%

  • Diamond Ore
    • The Diamond Ore is a mysterious ore filled with diamonds.
    • You can only have 1 Diamond Ore at any time in a base camp. Mining the Diamond Ore costs 1,000 Gas. It takes 30 seconds to mine one, and the mining of one will yield 25 diamonds.

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