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Bugmons are alien troops players should eliminate to complete the missions. Players can get beta-gene chips from the results for the mission plays, and use them to unlock new bugmon to obey their orders.

By unlocking bugmons, players can spawn them in the Hatchery. Spawned bugmons are sent to the other player' s bases camp to invade them- this is called raiding.  By raiding, attacker can plunder resources and get trophies according to how many defense wall had he destroyed.

Bugmons are divided to 4 types such as ant, mantis, beetler and dungster.

Bugmons are also graded as common and elite, and elite grades have many variations according to which nation do they appear.

  • Common Bugmons have their own basic patterns.
  • Elite Bugmons have different advanced patterns over their basic patterns inherited from their types.

Players should note that Bugmons can be either unlocked, or spawned in the Hatchery.

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